The Second Trimester: Headaches and Feels

Not sure if you’ve heard, but pregnancy is weird. While your body is giving 150% to growing this little life inside you, it has some strange side effects.  While I’m so thankful for the glow my friends tell me I have, the amazing hair, and the ability to give strength and love to this little one, there are a couple things that I don’t feel like people told me enough about.

For instance as my nausea subsided I started developing headaches.  If you have known me a long time, you know I don’t get headaches too often, but when I do they are painful.  The only thing that I can do to get rid of them is to sit in a dark silent room until I fall asleep and wake up with it gone the next morning.  Lucky for me, most of these pregnancy headaches haven’t been that bad. I’ve come to the conclusion that the headaches are coming from me not getting enough of something – sleep, food, etc.  I’ve also found that Tylenol helps, which is not the case for my usual headaches.

One of the other interesting things that are taking my body by storm are these insane emotional rollercoasters sponsored by raging hormones.  I can’t tell when they’re coming, I have no way of preventing them, and there is never a reason for them.  It starts with something relatively amusing – most of the time only to me (and it’s really not that funny…).  It turns into me laughing in a way I’ve never laughed before – when the laughs become silent, and your eyes are burning because the tears are over flowing out of them.  It becomes actually a little scary for a second because you can’t seem to stop, and if you’re with some one they start to laugh because they think you’re insane. That person will stop crying seconds later when they see your tears of laughter turn into actual crying. That’ll go on for some time – you might even be mad at the person you were with but, again, you’re unsure why.  This comes over you quite frequently.  Thank your significant other, parents, besties on the reg because you are honestly certifiably insane.

To the readers who are like, how can laugh-crying be so bad? Don’t knock it until you’ve gone through it…trust me.

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