Valentines Gifts for her

We’re coming into the home stretch for Valentine’s Day gift shopping. Nothing like last minute! Don’t worry – I’m here to help with a few last minute finds for cute gifts. Whether it’s for your honey or for your galentine, she’s sure to love these! Start scrolling!


This is probably the go to for most men, along with flowers and chocolates. Obviously the safest route to go – I don’t know any girls who wouldn’t want either of those things – these options show a little more personality, or at least are a little more personal to your lady friend.

These earrings are so fun and each are fit for a different girl. The bling-ed out hoop earrings are for the more traditional jewelry-wearer with just a little bit of extra sparkle. The ombre jewel drop earrings are for that girl who loves statement jewelry. If she’s wearing a lot of bold pieces and bright colors – she’ll love these. The tassel earrings are for the girl that is quirky and it shows in her style.

If you want something a little more personal, I am obsessed with these name necklaces straight from the early 2000’s. They’re back, and everyone seems to do some sort of version of them. I’ve been seeing the layered necklaces with letter charms to spell out your name, but this is the classic version with a twist. The name piece comes in different materials!I personally love the white, but you can chose from almost any color!


If you have a little more to splurge, she will always appreciate a handbag. There are some adorable pieces out right now that can be worn during the day, and a night out that are perfect Valentine’s gifts!

Get Cozy

Some girls don’t like all the fuss of Valentine’s day, but that doesn’t mean you should skip out on showing her you care! Or maybe you’re having a Galentines Day Party and you all want to wear your cutest Valentine’s Pajamas and drink mimosas all day (I’m here for that). Whatever the reason, these PJ’s are so cute – and Victoria’s Secret has been having great sales on their separates. Currently you can get PJ’s B1G1 free!


Nothing’s better than waking up, grabbing a cub of coffee with a mug with a sweet sentiment and snuggling up in a blanket from your SO. Whether they’re there to snuggle up with you or not, this gift will go a long way and is sure to get plenty of use if she loves coffee in the morning. Here are a few things to plant around her place just to remind her you’re thinking of her!


I know you’ve seen those memes of Demi Lovato in a wedding dress with the caption”When your bf takes you to Sephora and tells you to buy whatever you want”. It’s real. Sephora is bae. A gift card is always great for Sephora, but if you like to put in a little extra effort just to show her you care here are some great gifts!

Take her on a Day trip

For the girl who loves an experience rather than things, take her somewhere special. Whether it’s a trip to the bar your first met, where you proposed, or a dinner date at the venue where you got married, it’ll go a long way. Personally, I love a good picnic – it’s a nice outing during the warmer weather, and you get some yummy food while you people watch. James and I used to picnic at Marsh creek whenever we could. I miss that area! If we can venture there with Grey, I’m surely buying this gift myself!

Target $55

Collect Memories

Something James tells me all the time, we are so involved in capturing moments on our screens or showing off to followers a lifestyle you want to portray that we forget to make memories. I love this idea the most, partially because I use part of it often. I like to take photos. I take photos of my cats, of my outfits, my baby girl, my husband…but I try not to let it get in the way of what’s happening. An easy way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to limit the amount of photographs you can take. Here are two gifts that will go a long way, and will be fun to look at in the future for those fuzzy feelings. A polaroid camera, some film, and a photo album is something that you’ll have fun making memories with for the rest of your time together.

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