And then Grey was 2

Trying to explain birthdays to a one-year-old when they haven’t seen other kids, people, parties, or other people’s birthdays is weird. We started to tell Grey she was having an Elsa party about a week or so before the big day. We told her she’d have balloons and cake and presents but I don’t think she quite wrapped her head around it. Around the same time she started watching the movie Sing and in the beginning of the movie the family of Elephant’s is singing “Happy Birthday” to their Grandpa before he blows out the candles on his cake. Ever since then we kind of connected the two by telling her she was going to have a cake and we were going to sing “Happy Birthday”. So then every time we mentioned her birthday she’d say “Singgggg…party…cake….” so…I think she was finally understanding. I don’t think anything could prepare her for such an exciting day, though.

I spent the day before gathering too many supplies (as usual) because I never know what I’m going to need. I like to over buy so that when I set up I have the freedom to use what I want and then I can return whatever I don’t. I never know what is going to look good together until it’s all sitting on the table together with the things sitting on them. So this year I started at Amazon to make sure we’d get things that I was having delivered on time, moved my way then to to Target, and then the day before I went to Target, Home Goods, and Michaels for any last minute things that were cheaper in store or I forgot.

From Amazon I purchased her balloon arch, her giant Elsa balloon, extra fancy balloons (star and snowflakes) candles, cake topper and snowflakes, milk bottles and separate glitter straws, and hanging snowflakes. I always find just the right colors of things on Amazon, so I usually like to start there for the big decorations like balloons because I always get just what I want, can read reviews, and build from there with little things. Plus I knew I wanted to do a balloon arch and photo op if nothing else, so I made sure to create a small party space from there.

After Amazon, anytime I went to do a grocery pick up, I’d quickly run around the $1 section right in front after grabbing my Mom Fuel at Starbucks and if it seemed not busy I would run through the party supply aisles. I ended up using one thing from there ( scalloped table cloth), but had purchased quite a few cake stands that were $5 from Bullseye’s Playground. If you’re ever looking for a cheap way to stage a dessert table or display food and decorations always look there! I end up finding so much there that won’t break the bank. I didn’t end up using it this time but about a month or so away from a party I will keep looking there to see if they bring any party supplies in. If we ever are able to have kids birthdays again, they also have cheap party favor type things there for littles to play with at your party that won’t empty your wallet. The same goes for Michaels – especially with those coupons. I bought a kit to make Grey’s 6 inch cake, as well as any sprinkles and icing I was going to use on her desserts. These were all also available on Amazon but 10x the price. For example, these cake pop icing melts were $12 on Amazon, but $2 at my local Michaels!

I ended up finding some of my fave decorations for this party at Home Goods. Unfortunately I can’t link anything here, but I did buy a bunch of silver and white snowflake cake stands that were obviously perfect for this theme. They also had just begun putting out their Easter assortment so there were a lot of Easter egg color serveware, like the blue cake stand I had put the cake on.

Other than that, I made the cake (obviously…), the cake pops, and printed out any labels and Olaf’s I needed to pull the details together. I was so excited to incorporate Oaken into this party, even if it was minor and Grey didn’t even realize. It was more for me anyway…so we put chocolate milk in our milk bottles and labeled them “YOO HOO!” I also always suggest using any gifts that fit with the theme in the decorating because 1. Less wrapping, and 2. then you can take the toys down and keep your babes occupied before they get to open the rest of their gifts. I got to use an Elsa doll from her my Aunt, as well as an Olaf I had gotten her. There was also a giant Olaf and baby Elsa that she had gotten for Christmas I propped up as well so she’d have so much Frozen fun when she woke up from her nap.

The backdrop I had from last year – a DIY project my Dad helped me with. It’s just made of PVC piping and is super easy to take apart and store when you’re finished with it until the next party. If you’re looking for an easy way to make a day special while we’re stuck inside I strongly suggest building one. You and your kids will have so much fun taking pics in front of it.

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