NYE Outfits You Already Have in your Closet

This year was the worst. Why not say farewell by remembering how to get dressed for parties by getting dressed for your social distanced, low key NYE night at home! I put together a few looks of some items that you probably already have in your closet that are easy to throw together! Let’s ring in 2021 the way we wanted to look all of 2020.

The Bold Blazer

The Bold Blazer

It’s 2020. There’s a new President Elect and a new FEMALE Vice President Elect. It’s time for the blazer to make a comeback. I have so many blazers that I forgot existed over the last year because there was never any reason to get dressed. I styled this pink one below (my personal favorite bold color), but you can style this really with any color or pattern blazer. I didn’t style with a shirt because I would probably wear something not really seen underneath. If you want to go all black instead of the pop of color, try going without the blouse – it’ll really add some va va voom to your all black look.

The Dress you Bought in February (That You Never Got to Wear)

The Dress you bought in February and never got to wear

I feel like we all went shopping for an Easter dress, an outfit for girls brunch, or something for a wedding that ended up getting cancelled. If you haven’t broken it out of the closet and ripped of those tags yet, just do it! In a few months there will be some new trend and some new dress you’re going to want instead. Don’t kid yourself. New Years Eve is the time to say goodbye to those old trends you never got to wear and hello to the new ones you’re going to count down days to try. The one I styled here is a classic 2020 cowl neck dress with a little sequins for the occasion. Keep it simple and fun with some Docs, some fun eyeliner, and ritzy clips. You don’t have to do much else with a dress that’s so pretty by itself!

The Statement Shoe

The Statement Shoe

I have a statement shoe that I had bought for my wedding that I love pulling out on special occasions. I wore it for the bar after my reception and ended up wearing it again for Grey’s brightly themed birthday party. This NYE I’ve been tossing around the idea of breaking them out again to spruce up our night in. WIth a statement shoe, you can play down the rest of your outfit and keep it pretty simple – especially if you’re like me and like to play with fun silhouettes like statement sleeves. The gold boot above I styled with all black pieces to really bring the attention to your accessories. All eyes will be on your shoes, and they’ll be complimented by the gold clips, clutch, and a belt. Don’t overthink it! Just make sure all eyes go to the shoes.

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