A 30-something-year-olds Xmas list

There’s just two more weeks until we celebrate a socially distanced Christmas filled with zoom calls and cookies. Everytime I think I’m done buying my gifts I remember someone that my mom brain had left off my list and I have to scramble to send them something in time. If you’re still looking for something special to gift to someone, I’m sharing my personal Christmas list with you!

Recipe Book

I’ve gone 31 years without my own recipe book. It’s not too hard to believe if you’re also a Millennial, or Gen Z-er. I used to screenshot things on my phone, take pictures of cookbooks, and browse pinterest to find some great recipes to try only to forget about them once I used it. I would forget which one’s I’ve tried or just completely lose them. This year was the first I wasn’t able to make my Granny’s Christmas cookies with my family and I was really looking forward to sharing that experience with Grey, Izzy, and their cousins. I don’t want her to miss out on a year of Christmas magic because of quarantine, so I of course tried to find my picture of the recipes. I couldn’t find them. Now that my Mom has sent me the recipes again, I realize I need to put them somewhere safe. I want to be able to pass these family recipes down to my girls when they’re on their own, craving some of their Great Granny’s cookies. Click the links below to buy one pictured!

My Family Recipe Book

White Striped Recipe Book

Family Favorite Recipes

High quality pots and pans

I realized as I’m getting more experimental in my cooking that I still have the same set I got when James and I first moved in together…from 2013. I wouldn’t really mind if the lining on the pots wasn’t coming off from overusing. Since we’ve been cooking many meals in quarantine, I would love a new set. I don’t need anything too fancy, just something I could cook my family dinner with that isn’t a starter set. I want them to last, so I’d splurge a little more on a nice set!

Rachel Ray 10 Piece Cookware Set

Cuisinart Classic 11 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Uber eats

Not cooking that much during quarantine? Then send a meal on you! I’ve done this a couple times since March for birthdays or special occasions. If you know your friend’s fave breakfast spot, or you want to send them a drink or two on you (for those states that you can order alcohol) send it to them! It’ll be a sweet surprise. If you’re not sure what to get them send a gift card! I’m sure they’ll be happy to order something from the comfort of their couch instead of cooking or picking something up. I’m thinking about doing this for a few people, myself. I know they’ll appreciate a yummy meal over anything else, and I can’t say I disagree.

Goodies from the container store

Okay…maybe it’s nesting, but if I could I would organize everything in my life. I color-code my bookshelf, I love a good wicker bin, and I could watch Home Edit on Netflix forever. I always browse Target and Home Good’s bins, baskets, and containers when I visit the stores. It seems like there’s always something that needs a home at our place, and if it’s not back in it’s home when it’s fulfilled its purpose I get irritated. OCD or nah? One of my favorite places to browse is the Container Store. This place is a organizer’s dream. They have what seems like a container for everything: office supplies, kitchen drawers, makeup, toys…and really awesome closet systems. You can buy a whole collection in one click, shop piece-by-piece, or get a gift card. Either way, this is a great gift for friends and family who are spending a lot of time at home.

Urban Wire Stacking Baskets

IDesign Linus Kitchen Bins

Pretty PJs

During quarantine I still like to get up and get dressed in the morning. It makes me still feel like a functioning human and not a zombie who moves from my bed to the couch to work my day job and be a mama. I try to stay as comfortable as possible since I’ve got nowhere to be, but there are always unexpected Zoom meetings. That’s why I suggest gifting PJ’s or loungewear that are still presentable so that you can be comfy while jumping on a call to discuss important business. I personally have been vibing with styles similar to Kim K’s Skims, but here are a few other faves!

Cloud Wash Cami and Pants Sleep set

Out From Under Adeline Knit Shorts and Knit Top (sold seperately)

Fuzzy Tank and pant set sold at Primark – no online shop


By the end of my day working from home or being a mama, I want a sanctuary where i can light some candles, pour a glass of wine, and cozy up with my husband under a giant fluffy comforter. It’s been so long since I’ve bought a new comforter, and I’ve never splurged on a sheet set with a large thread-count. I’ve been thinking about it lately. I don’t get a great night’s sleep anymore, so the time that i get to spend in the bed I want the most comfortable things on it I can find. Maybe you don’t have kids yet, but you are working from home and the place where you get the privacy needed to work is your bedroom. Make sure the place you’re logging on every day is comfortable and when you log off have a place to relax! Get yourself a fancy bed set – you earned that night’s sleep.

Opalhouse Olympia Clipped Comforter Set

Tufted Geo Sham Set

A Projector

If you’re shopping for the person who seems to have everything, I love this gift. My Great Grandmother used to have an old school projector in her house. When we would go visit her, there would be a night where we could watch any movie on that projector we wanted. It was one of my favorite memories of going to visit her in Pittsburgh. There’s something really cool about a projector when you’re a kid and really romantic about it when you’re an adult. Even though I knew it was something that was old as a child, it was new to me and it was always so exciting to watch Pocahontas on the wall 3x what my TV was. It was like going to the movies. As an adult I find myself wanting to light some candles and project White Christmas on my wall during the holidays. All you need is a bowl of kettle corn and some hot cocoa. I’d love to project Rudolph on the wall for Grey so that she could remember watching Christmas movies with her family on the projector.

PVO Mini Projector

dser Portable Movie Projector

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