My favorite Valentine’s Day gifts

Last year I wrote about my favorite Valentine’s day gift ideas for the lady in your life. To my surprise, my husband and I were totally on the same page because he got me one of the things on the list, and it happened to be the thing I wanted the most – a name necklace. He had bought me silver necklace with “Grey” written in cursive, and I literally never take it off. It’s probably my most favorite gift he got me, besides the Louis Vuitton wallet he also gave me that day pictured above and the purse that came shortly after (duh!).

This year I wanted to keep the ideas flowing for any of you that have a girl to buy a little something for. Whether it be your girlfriend, wife, daughter or a galentine, I want to make sure I offer you some ideas. I also am wondering what Valentine’s Day has in store for me and Grey this year and if me husband an I will have the same brain waves like last year.

Breakfast in bed

If you haven’t figured this out yet, let me tell you a little secret: it’s all about the details. I love a “thinking of you” every once in a while. All it takes is hiding a note where you know I’ll be during the day, or just surprising me with a gesture of your appreciation that costs a few bucks, but has a lot of thought put into it.

Let me let you in on another secret – and I speak for the girl population when I say this – we love a heart-shaped thing to eat. Pizza, pancakes, just putting food on a plate and making a heart shape with different pieces will do. I fell in love with something while I was walking down the aisles of Target (where else?). They sell for just $9.99 a heart-shaped waffle maker. I don’t even eat waffles, but I want this waffle maker. I would love to actually make Grey waffles with this waffle maker when she starts eating foods in the next few months just so I can be the ultimate mom and say it was “made with love”. This would be great for a breakfast in bed for the women in your life or a Galentines brunch with your besties. Either wait, it’s definitely at the top of my list.

Enjoy the breakfast inspo below!

Customizable Accessories

When I was looking for accessories for my wedding, I came across something that I really wanted that I could wear after the night was over. There are tons of Etsy sellers that do “Bride” accessories for your wedding, but I wanted something that was timeless, not something just for that night. I wanted an acrylic clutch that had my anniversary engraved in roman numerals. This just seemed timeless and modern to me all at once, and now that I’m looking at them all over again I’m reminded of how great of a gift this would be.

Dates are something, especially when in roman numerals, are something I think you could put on anything and it could be timeless. A cuff bracelet, a necklace, earrings…I honestly want all of these now that I’m thinking of all the possibilities! James got my necklace last year, and I love it! If you want to do something similar, but don’t know if the mama in your life would wear a name, get her a roman numerals of her babes birthday!

Here are a few ideas for personalized accessories.


Guys….let me tell you something. I was NEVER a girl who wanted to go to the spa. I never understood it. I thought that it was something that rich people did when they felt like their dumb problems were too much for them. For Christmas last year, James had gotten me the only thing I had asked for – a prenatal massage. My office had a 5-minute massage you could stop during your busy day to destress during the holidays. I went and even though they focused on my shoulders, I knew that if I got a full experience I would only benefit. Let me tell you…I had knots I didn’t know that I had, and I felt like a new person by the time I left. I went back once after Grey was born, and I have a gift certificate to go back again that I’d like to go to maybe on Valentine’s day weekend. Believe me when I say it’s worth it. You wife, mom, girl friend will not even know what hit her. If she’s never gone before, don’t get her a gift card. I think if I would’ve gotten one as a first-timer I wouldn’t have used it right away if at all. Make the appointment for her and maybe make an oasis at home for after she’s done. She’ll really appreciate it, I promise.

If your trying to stay under a budget, then just pamper her at home. Draw her a bath. It’s easy just fill the tub, throw a bath bomb in there, light some candles, and maybe throw some flowers in there (petals or buds with the stems cut off). Give her some much needed time to relax and poor her some wine. It won’t go unnoticed.

Special Delivery

So you know how girls at your job are getting their flowers and love notes delivered to their desks during the day. That feeling you get in your stomach when you get flowers like never goes away. I get flowers from James every once in a while, unprovoked, and I still get that feeling after being together for 7 years and getting unexpected deliveries. If you do nothing else, please just send some flowers.

If you want to step up your game, I had tried Milk Bar for the first time last year and it was the best delivery baked good I’ve ever had. They’re based in New York, but will ship anywhere. When I tell you the cake truffles are the best cake I’ve ever had, I’m not exaggerating. They sell full cake truffles, mini cakes, full cakes, cookies and pies and whatever you get will most likely be gone by the end of the day.

Sketchy ideas

If these ideas sound too basic to you, let me tell you about another fun new gift I’ve been eying up. For the last year or so I have noticed some of my favorite bloggers getting personalized sketches of themselves by artists on IG and Etsy. I love this idea because you could do so much with it! You could make it a photo of a girl in one of her favorite outfits, a really great photo turned into a sketch, or leave the creativity to the artist with just a photo for what she looks like. I personally have been looking at them for one of Grey and I while she’s little, but maybe when she’s just a smidge older so she has a little more personality to her to come across in the sketch. I’ve seen them of couples on their wedding day and whole family portraits as well. You could search for “fashion sketches” on Etsy and bunch will come up. Here are a few examples.

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