Ready for baby…9 months later

Well, it took some time, but I finally am ready for Grey. After her living here for 9 months, I finally feel ready for her to live in her room. Don’t worry, she’s been sleeping in her crib for quite some time…with the exception of every night this week when the ear infection from hell came to stay in both her ears. When she was born, aside from her crib, a changing table and her bureau we had nothing in that room. We really had the basic necessities. While I had bought things throughout the first three months to make her room her own, I never wanted to commit to putting anything on her walls. I wasn’t planning on staying in our current home that long, so I didn’t want to go through putting everything up to take it back down. It doesn’t look like we’re going anywhere anytime soon though, so it was time to commit.

I assume I’m like every other parent and filled her nursery with things that I love and can only hope she’ll love too: pink, gold, flowers, and Harry Potter. So far we’re doing pretty well. She loves flowers, so we’re currently 1/4. Harry Potter was something I wanted her to love early on, but I didn’t want to feel like I was pushing it on her as she got older. For that reason the references around the room are subtle, pretty, and hopefully she appreciates them when she starts reading the books with me. I still have some other things I’d like to add, like a Nimbus 2000, a sorting hat, and a Mirror of Erised, but I think I may need a bigger room for some of those additions. For now, we have everything she needs.

Most of these subtle nods to Harry are in the framed wall art around the room, but I made sure to have some Harry Potter inspired bedding and knick knacks. I actually have a few things I didn’t put out yet because she won’t need them just yet. My favorite parts of her nursery are in the small details, like the keys with wings all over referencing one of the challenges Harry went through to get to the Sorcerer’s Stone. My sister actually had the mobile and the dreamcatcher made through this really cool Etsy shop you can view here, or her IG here. I love these pieces – they’re amazing.

I love that everything that’s hung up in her room has some tie to Harry, like the wall art that says “You are so loved” referencing what Lily tells Harry before she’s taken from him. The gift we received from Grey’s Aunt Paige combines Philly and Harry perfectly and was one of the first things I put in her room aside from furniture. Most of these things can be found on Etsy. If they are still available the links are below.

Enjoy the rest of these photos and I hope it inspires you during your family planning!

Hermione wall art

Harry Potter Alphabet Wall Art

Harry Potter Crib Sheets

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