13 Days of Spooky Szn

Day 6: Hedwig

I know, I know…we skipped quite a few days. When your dryer is down for a week, it’s hard to get any outfits prepared. Next time I do anything like this I’m planning a month in advance and having things selected and prepped before the day it’s needed. Hopefully I can get 2 outfits in some days to catch up, but I don’t see that happening.

Today’s costume was supposed to match mine because last minute we realized we were had to bring our mama to a Halloween party. Well, now our mama is tucked away sleeping soundly in her crib, and Dad still isn’t home yet. Therefore…I have changed into my PJs and am enjoying a nice pumpkin beer by candlelight. I finally got the first night I’ve had to relax since…early September. While I’m for sure having a little fomo tonight, it feels so nice to be swallowed by blankets and throw pillows. It’s looking like a prime night for Harry Potter actually…which brings me to Grey’s outfit today!

I actually got this costume from a coworker because she knew that I would definitely use this, and honestly as Grey grows into this I hope she asks me to wear it because I’ll gladly oblige. She actually enjoyed being in this costume the most out of the bunch that we’ve photographed, so I think I’m going to break this out when we watch Harry Potter together during the winter.

I love a baby costume, and I also love when people dress up as obscure characters. My cousin and I were actually talking about how fun it would be to have a Harry Potter costume party but you can’t dress up as any of the main characters like Harry, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort, etc. Hedwig is definitely obscure, but it’s the perfect costume for a little sidekick this Halloween season. Here are a few of my other fave Harry Potter sidekicks!

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