13 days of Spooky Szn

Day 3: Turning Turtle

Cue Meryl Streep.

One thing I really wanted to dress Grey up as for the last 2 months was a turtle. I knew she would be rolling over soon, and in September – right on James and my anniversary – she rolled. Just in time for this perfect baby halloween costume. It’s so cute the way she gets stuck over the shell!

There were a few different costumes to choose from, but this one ended up being the least expensive option – $20 with 30% off at the beginning of the month on the Target circle app. I could not pass that up!

There were a few different places I had seen this kind of costume, and it looks like the same costume vendor sells to multiple stores including Target and Carters – who by the way is having an equally amazing sale to get rid of their Halloween inventory. Check out some of my favorite cute critters costumes below.

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