Topsy Turvy Day

I can’t decide what movie to put on while sitting at home drinking a homemade PSL. Here, toggling back and forth between my work computer and my cell phone, I have to stop what I’m doing every few minutes to do a wellness check on my daughter. While she’s normally pretty content in her rock-and-play or her play gym, today she’s irritable and itchy. I had to leave work early to get her from daycare because of a giant rash that ended up all over her face, head and especially around her mouth. The doctors office and I are still completely unsure what caused it, and I’m on duty to try and catch the culprit. Food allergy? Detergent? Teething? Send help.

I decided on Mary Poppins returns. I was undecided if I liked it when it came out. Maybe by the end of this post I’ll be able to give you an answer. Grey is interested – so if it makes her happy it’s staying on. The rash has cleared up since we’ve come home so she’s starting to calm down. Now I can finish up clearing my inbox and getting ready for tomorrows trip to Electric Zoo to find new trends for spring 2020. After that, I can try and pack for my weekend in Philly visiting my parents and seeing Made in America. Sometime in between I’ll feed Grey and read her a bed time story. Hopefully she goes down easily tonight, but I’m not getting my hopes up. Yep. This is a typical day.

Mommin’ is a superpower. We’re multitasking wizards housekeeping, cooking, working 9-5 M-F, and making room for snuggles and playtime through the magic of Starbucks and the casual glass of wine. Most of the time I feel like I can’t get my head on straight, and when I finally do feel like I have it together my life turns upside down and I’m – as Meryl said – turning turtle. For those of you who haven’t seen Mary Poppins Returns, that’s when you feel like a turtle who’s fell on their back and is wobbling around on their shell with their legs up in the air. Yep. That’s what Mom’s feel like they look like. Even the ones who you think are Mary Poppins, they’re really just Topsy Turvy on the inside.

I’m not really sure where I was going with this post. I guess just a vent for me to exclaim that I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time. I’m scared that I’m being judged for what I’m doing with my baby or what I’m not doing with my baby. Scared that I’m looked at differently at my job because I have new priorities to go alongside of my work. Scared that my friends don’t want to be my friends anymore because they don’t have kids and can’t relate when I decline an invitation to a happy hour. Why hasn’t Grey learned to roll over yet? When does she start sitting up on her own? Is she behind on the learning curve?

The movie’s over. I cried several times, but I still give the movie a 6/10. I still have a lot of questions about it. I’d keep watching it though just to watch Meryl for 15 minutes. Grey went to sleep right after her bath and book tonight (thank god). Wish us luck with her rash. Here’s to hoping it’s gone in the morning and doesn’t come back.

And here’s to also hoping that tomorrow I feel like Mary Poppins – a mom that’s practically perfect in every way.

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