Here’s to 30

During my birthday this year, as I reflect on the last year of my 20’s, I’m not sure how life can get better. James and I have excelled in our careers, announced a pregnancy, had a beautiful baby girl and are constantly being surprised and humbled by parenthood.

I’ve never been scared of the number thirty. I’ve not looked forward to it, but by no means have I worried. In some ways, 30 was exactly how I pictured: married to a smart, handsome husband, at least one beautiful baby, a steady job that involved a little analytics and fashion. There are things I didn’t expect, like not feeling at home where I lived or not owning a house. The way that pregnancy makes you battle body image issues like your 14 again. I could keep listing, but honestly it all becomes static when my husband and my daughter come into view.

James hasn’t seen this video yet, and I was waiting to show him until his own birthday this weekend. I can’t wait – I love it so much.

This is 30.

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