Galentine’s Day Slumber Party

I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is already here! Maternity leave is already going by too quickly! Each day is an adventure with this nugget. Today she had her first cast change for her club foot and she was so good! I really am so fortunate to have such an amazing little girl. Thar’s why she’s my Galentine this year!

Grey is growing so quickly, but is still a little too small for some stores newborn sizes. This cute little outfit from Target is their newborn size, and while it’s a tad bit big I couldn’t help but put her in it. Luckily this doesn’t say “Valentine” on it anywhere so she can wear it when she fills it out, too. If you’re curious where my robe is from, I got it a few years ago from Victoria’s Secret. They always have a new version of it every year, and here‘s the current striped robe.

We’re having a Galentines Day slumber party while dads at work hosting an award show event for his staff. Complete with moms pink drink from Starbucks and some eggo waffles, we’re snuggling the day away in celebration of the holiday Leslie Knope brought to life.

“You know my code: hoes before bros, uteruses before duderuses, ovaries before brovaries.”

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