NYE Maternity Wear

If you thought finding the perfect outfit for New Years Eve was hard in your everyday bod, try looking while 7 months pregnant! Ugh! For some reason my brain is still in denial about the belly, so I found myself in Forever 21 with a bunch of cute party outfits in the dressing room laughing when I tried to pull them past my hips.  I’m not sure why I can’t get thought my head that I am ROUND, but I really wanted to wear these outfits.

So the search is on for the perfect NYE outfit for my and my bump.  I went to my usual inexpensive maternity shop first, BooHoo.com, and took a look while everything is 60% off (pregos: go to this website STAT). While most of their line is casual right now, they usually have a pretty good selection of party outfts. I’m sure that for the holiday season they sold down in most of that, but they did manage to have a couple items I love!  There are plenty of variations of velvet and shimmer dresses (skater, wrap dresses, etc), but these two are my faves.

This Red Velvet Dress is currently under $15! This is actually the dress that I decided to wear for Christmas, and it was SO comfortable. If you can’t order this in time for New Years, but still have somewhere to go (hello date night!) order this!

The Shimmer Jumpsuit they have is actually the item I’m kind of leaning towards for my festivities. It is a little see-thru, so I have to find out if there’s something I can do to help with the fabric.  If all works out this is a strong contender for Monday night!

The other website I always go to for maternity is ASOS. For me, that website is a little bit of a splurge depending on the situation. For NYE this shop is definitely on the more affordable side.

I am kind of obsessed with this Ice Green Sequin Kimono Dress because it just looks really comfortable. I wish I had somewhere to go I could wear this because I didn’t order this one.

Silver Sequin Tank

Lace Sequin Kimono Dress

Velvet Wrap Dress

Black Short Sleeve Sequin Top

Silver Sequin Midi Skirt

White Sequin Dress

Ruched Shimmer Midi Dress

Blue Embellished Mini Dress

Blue Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress

Pink Blush I think is a more well-known shop for maternity clothes, but I don’t usually use it for special occasions.  I did find a few I’d like to try for New Years, though. I’m curious to know if any of you have bought more formal items from here.

Sequin Maxi Dress

Gold Sequin Mini Dress

Black Shimmer Mini Dress

Silver Short Sleeve Sequin Mini Dress

Gold Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress

Chic Bump Club is something I just stumbled upon while looking at maternity hashtags on IG. Now I’m kind of obsessed.  They only sell special occasion dresses, but they’re really trendy! I’m not sure how often they put out new designs, but these are currently my fave!

Shimmer One Shoulder Maxi

Striped Shimmer Mini Dress

Gold Sequin Maxi

Draped Sleeve Jumpsuit

Pink Strapless Maxi Dress

Long Sleeve Shimmer Maxi Dress

Silk Wrap Dress

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