Date Night with John Legend

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can only wear maternity clothes, and it certainly doesn’t mean you have to feel like a big oaf. For our John Legend date, I pulled a dress out of my closet I have actually never worn before and I’ve had for years. Im not sure what occasion I was saving it for, but it’s a pretty basic bodycon maxi dress I bought from H&M in their divided department. The amazing thing about this dress is the back – and how amazing is this back.

I have always been a little self conscious of my torso, as most women are. I think this dress was so form fitting that I felt uncomfortable wearing it without something to keep my torso flat. With the back being open there’s nothing that I could’ve worn underneath to help. So…naturally when I’m in my third trimester I said “f#*! It” and put the dress on (what is wrong with me). I’m glad I did though, because it actually made me feel the opposite of what you would think a pregnant woman in a right dress would. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman creating another life in her belly, and I’m happy to be doing just that.

By the way, my dress is no longer sold at H&M, but it looks like Shein has something very similar. The reviews are good and even have some by pregnant women raving about it! I may have to buy it! Keep the rest simple! Wear a pretty pair of earings and a statement clutch. I also wore the bracelet James gave me for my birthday a few years ago to add a little sparkle. Don’t over do it, the back is enough of an accessory.


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